Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bunting Tutorial

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law asked if I could make a bunting for my nephew's first birthday.  I've been wanting to make a bunting for a long, long time... but I had no idea what I would make it for.  So when she asked, I was super excited!  Then I thought... why not make a tutorial?  So here it goes! 

Baby Bennett Bunting Tutorial
(The B cubed tutorial, if you're a math geek like me!)
Step One:  Get all your supplies.  I have felt, yarn, glue
gun and glue, scissors, and pom makers here.

Step Two:  Make a template in the shape you want for your bunting.
I thought about a triangle, but I decided on a curved rectangle instead.
You can chose to use a cardboard template if you're going to trace it on your
felt, or you can just use the paper template (like I did on the right), pin it
down, and cut it out.  I'm impatient, which made me think of just pinning!

Step Three:  I chose to go with a paper template.  I'm slightly lazy, so I
decided the picture on the left, tracing the cardboard, was too much work. 
NOTE:  I left a little extra at the top, because we will fold it down later.

Step Four:  Cut out as many pieces as you need.

Step Five:  Go on your computer and go to 1001 Free Fonts.  There, you can choose a font and preview it.
If you need your preview type to be larger, hit Ctrl and the + sign on your keyboard.
You will see I noticed I only needed 4 letters...  Oddly, they spelled BENT.  So weird.
Anyway, trace and cut out!  Presto!

Step Six:  Trace your letters onto felt, and cut them out.

Step Seven:  Glue your letters down.  You can sew them on...
Did I mention I am impatient?  The glue worked just fine.

Step Eight:  I used my pom pom maker to make some poms!

Step Nine:  You want to flip over each of your pieces, and
put your first piece all the way to the right.
In other words, flipped and backwards.

Step Ten:  Glue down your yarn and fold the top over.  Keep going until you have all your pieces glued down.
Make sure you try and space them evenly.
NOTE:  Make sure you leave a long tail at the end!

Step Eleven:  Feel so accomplished so far that you get yourself a soda.
(I know they are not good for you...  I usually keep it to one a week!)
Make sure you leave a long tail at the opposite end, too!

Step Twelve:  Tie on your poms!
I did small ones inside, but bigger ones on the outside.
Poor red pom was left out.

Step Thirteen:  Hang up your bunting and giggle with joy! 
(Excuse my mess in the background...  I didn't even notice there were things on the kitchen pass-thru!)

I have other things I wanted to talk about, but I am a busy little bee!  I have to get ready for a craft show.
If you're in the Antioch, IL area on September 7-8, please come visit my booth and tell me you've seen my blog or follow my facebook or Instagram  

I'll be splitting my booth with my friend/co-worker Carrie, too! Click HERE to see her etsy shop.  She makes some really unique and wonderful items, including this piece that is one of my favorites:
You can find this listing HERE!
I have never seen anything like this before... but that is what Carrie
is all about.  She's very original!

Usually I try to leave you with a pic that isn't really crafty-related.  Today on my bike ride, I was able to see some Helmeted Guineafowl!  Seriously, these birds do not live here...  Like, in this country even.  So I am assuming someone lost their birds off their farm, because it seems they can be imported into the US.  After reading about them, I realized that they could be my favorite bird.  THEY EAT TICKS!  If you don't know this about me already, I am terrified of ticks.  If I ever have a yard and can have one of these birds, I would do it in an instant.  Ticks be gone!  So until next time...
Scroungin' on the trail.  So cute!

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