Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well... Happy New Year!

I've always liked new beginnings. Maybe it's one of the (many) reasons I became a teacher. I've always enjoyed the idea of change, of starting fresh. There's always this wonderful feeling that you can now tackle something you've put on the back-burner for quite some time.

With that being said, I've decided to start a blog for my crafty adventures. I find that facebook is too limiting – in words and in photos. Although I am not na├»ve enough to think that reading a blog (of any sort, regardless of subject) is for everyone. I'm a little hesitant doing this only because I know if someone has a status update on facebook any longer than 3 sentences, I'm out. I thought I would just give this a shot and see where it takes me. Why not? It's a new year... I'm trying something new. 

Beautiful sunrise from my couch. Even Fronk, my dog, loves it!

For this first entry, I thought I would start out with resolutions. Most people have picked theirs for 2013 and I am no different. I'm going to stick to some crafty ones for this blog. If I say them to you, then I will be more likely to keep them, correct? Well, here goes:
  1. Do one “granny” crochet block a week. More than one a week is fine, but for now, let's keep it reasonable. (I know some of you are laughing at me right now because of the word 'reasonable' in that sentence, right?) And of course I will be updating my progress on ravelry (username: tacodiscos) and on this blog. In the end, I plan to practice some joining techniques, and if they're up to the right standards, donate some of them to Project Linus.
  2. Make stuff for myself. I know this may sound selfish, but I am always crocheting and crafting, and for some reason I don't usually do any crafts for myself. I don't know why... it just happens that way. I already made a scarf for myself over winter break... and I love it. Although, I think I should have made it a tad bit wider. Oh well. Everything is a learning experience.
  3. Clean my craft room. Doesn't every crafter have this same thought? I clean it, I mess it up. I clean it, I mess it up. It doesn't stay clean. Maybe that's a better resolution: Keep the craft room clean. Boy, that would make my husband happy, too.
  4. Go on a yarn diet. I have accumulated so many skeins of yarn, I can fill about 12 of those little cubes you can buy to store stuff in. You know, the fabric ones that everyone is into. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, how about I just say that I have over 50 skeins... easily. Probably close to 100. I watched an episode of Hoarders and it freaked me out, so it's time to start limiting myself on those little yarny purchases and using up what I have.
  5. Write one full pattern by the end of the year, have it tested, and put it up in my etsy shop. People often ask for my patterns... and I just don't have any of them written down. They're upstairs - in my head. I'll probably do a giveaway of it when it's complete.
  6. Speaking of giveaways, I am going to promise to do one a month. I like giving back to those of you that find interest in what I do. Let's do that right now... shall we?

See this little guy? Well, I fell in love with the idea of him from Mollie over at Wild Olive. I read her blog quite often, and I love her ideas and her work. Full disclosure: I am not getting paid to tell you this, promote her, etc, etc.  I just love her work, and so I made this little guy:

You can find the tutorial right here.

Why did I make him? Because I wanted to... not because I had anything in mind as to who it would go to or what I would do with it. Then I realized that I bet someone out there would like to own him. So in honor of my first crafty blog post, I'm giving him away for free - shipping and all. How can you win him? Here's how:
  1. Please post as a comment on this blog or as a comment on my facebook page under my linked post.
  2. Win another entry, if you share my post on facebook on your own wall.
  3. But wait! There's more! Share one of your resolutions (crafty or otherwise) for the new year in your comment on my blog/on facebook, and win another entry.
I know not everyone is going to be on facebook reading this today, so I am going to keep the little free giveaway open until Sunday, January 6th. I hope to hear from all of you and I can't wait to send this little tree to someone soon!

I leave you with one of my favorite shots of the season. Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!  Happy New Year!


  1. I think this is an awesome idea and can't wait to watch your progress over the next year as this grows. Your stuff is amazing

    I don't usually do resolutions for new years as I know I don't keep them. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to socks at some point this year.

    As for the stash, if your already aware of it and making plans to deal with it your not a hoarder so no worries there :)

    1. Whew! Thanks for making me feel better about the hoarding! I never looked at it that way before. I've been busy all week using all the yarns I purchased and making new items, too. Thank you for your comments and I hope those socks turn out GREAT!

  2. The tree is adorable. Thanks for sharing a link to the instructions. I might just try one.

    One of my resolutions is to craft for charity, at least one thing every month, this year.

    1. That is a WONDERFUL resolution! Do you know what you like to craft up/give to charity? I tend to make hats for Halos of Hope, blankets for Project Linus, and sometimes washcloths for A Safe Place. And of course, I am having a blast thinking of all the things I can giveaway on the blog, too!

      Let me know if you try the little tree. I would love to see yours!

    2. I'm going to make mostly hats for now. I'm going to do monthly challenges on this blog: http://www.shemakeshats.com/search/label/january%202013%20challenge
      and, if I come across other opportunities, I'll try to add those in as well.

      Those sound like good charities that you are doing. I'll have to look into those. I haven't yet made a blanket or washcloth, and could use some motivation like that...

      I will certainly let you know if I get a tree done. I have some good fabric scraps for the foliage, but I'm not sure if I have something I like for the trunk just yet. I'll have to dig more. :)

      Congrats to the winner. Good thing I didn't win, right? So I'm still motivated to make one! :)

    3. I want to see the little guy when you're done! And thanks for telling me your blog! I'm going to go check it out...

  3. What a cute tree! You do such beautiful work. I resolve to learn Tunisian crochet. Not what sure how to get started but maybe I can try an afghan: one block at a time.

    1. I once did Tunisian crochet! It was a really neat technique to learn. I made a baby blanket for my sister-in-law in it a few years back. What I liked about it is that each stitch is square, so you can really come up with any pattern you want. I saw this in the past and thought it was awesome!