Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine's Day... is a month away!

This week has flown by.  The first week back at work always does.  Even though it moved quickly, it ended up being a wonderful week.  I hope yours was the same!

Sadly, the only day I had to take pictures was today... and it was rather gloomy.  Luckily my friend Holly Briscoe is super talented and made sure my pictures weren't too terrible to put up.  (Thank you, Holly!)

First I wanted to share with you one of the gifts I am giving to my mother-in-law on her birthday in a few weeks.  Of course, the pattern is totally from Attic24.  I hope she likes it! 

A little flower pin!  What do you think?

I haven't just been making gifts for my mother in law; I had a few orders on etsy, too!

I had an order for a koala hat!

And an order of flowers!

...but what I have been wanting to show you the most is what I thought up for Valentine's Day.  Little coffee cozies!  I bought one at a shop in Grand Marais, Minnesota that sold handmade goods, but it's a little big.  I thought maybe I could crochet a little cotton one.  Then I remembered that I had bought some nice wool felt a bit back in a few colors.  A heart!  I could use my DMC floss and stich a little heart on my cotton cozy!  That would be too plain!  Oh!  I know what I could do...

Do you see the secret? 

It's a little pocket!  I made the wool heart so you can tuck a little note inside.  So many things you can say!  The possibilities are endless.  I could give it to a friend and tell her she's awesome...  I could give it to someone who is having a hard time and give them a word of encouragement...  I keep coming up with so many reasons to give it to someone. 

Anyway, if you're interested in purchasing any of them, you can right here.  I've made a few others, but I am going to wait to put them up, as I want to make a few more variations.

Next week, I promise to show you some of those blocks I said I would work on.  Remember one of my crafty resolutions?  One crochet block a week?  Well, I have made zero.  So I am going to get started on that right now. 

Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, opinions in the comments below or on my linked post on facebook...  I love all your feedback.  Have a wonderful week!  Until next time...


  1. Um...that little pocket is the cutest idea ever.

    1. Aww! Thank you! You're an awesome sister-in-law!!